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Taking My Parents to Burning Man

Taking My Parents to Burning Man


This is a Spoon Studios, in association with I No. Films & Lucky Treehouse present... Taking My Parents to Burning Man, an award winning rockumentary.

Burning Man, the debauched arts festival, is not your average family vacation destination. But Bry, a reckless party animal, decides to rip his nearly retired parents from their all-American lives and throw them into the adventure of a lifetime. From director / star Bryant Boesen comes this raucous romp through the desert during one of America's oldest (and most controversial) parties. As Bry and his folks drink heavily from the Dionysian side of life, they will all learn a bit about themselves and more importantly, each other. Surprisingly touching and insightful, take a festive ride to Black Rock in this parental coming of age story.

  • Director Joel Ashton McCarthy & Bryant "Spry Bry" Boesen
  • Director of Photography  Joel Ashton McCarthy
  • Editor Joel Ashton McCarthy & Bryant Boesen
  • Composer Brett Statham
  • Producers Joel Ashton McCarthy, Bryant Boesen, Lisa Ovies & Michael Schwartz

Winner, Best Documentary - Borrego Springs Film Festival 2014
Winner, Audience Award - Red Rock Film Festival 2014
Winner, Audience Award - Newport Beach Film Festival 2014
Winner, Audience Award - Best Microbudget Film - Maui Film Festival 2014
Winner, audience Award - Sonoma International Film Festival 2014
Official Selection - Soho International Film Festival 2014