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Hey Rosetta! - #SingItFwd

We had a fantastic time shooting a #SingItFwd live music video with Hey Rosetta!

#SingItFwd is a movement founded in 2011 by David & Ambrosia Vertesi. Every year, #SingItFwd rounds up some of the best Canadian talents to perform at The Vogue in benefit of St. James Music Academy. The SJMA program support over 300 kids daily in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, and brings the community together through music. Everything is provided, from the space, the instruments, the lessons, to the food that they eat during rehearsals. That of course, is not an easy task for SJMA to pull off… This is where #SingItFwd comes in. To date, #SingItFwd has raised an astonishing $125,000, all of which has gone directly to SJMA.

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Having grown up loving music and the joys of performance, I understand SJMA’s mission, and have been committed to the cause and donating as much of my time and effort to #SingItFwd as I possibly can each year. I have personally been involved with #SingItFwd for 3 years now working very closely with my good friend Sam Soo (who tirelessly devotes countless hours to producing content for #SingItFwd) on a handful of projects.
Every fall, #SingItFwd organizes a series of live music videos, where they would get the kids together to perform live with bands. This year, I had the privilege of directing a live video with Hey Rosetta! and the SJMA at the stunning St. Jame’s Anglican Church. It was a super challenging shoot: full 7-piece band and over 30 kids! Definitely the biggest #SingItFwd shoot I have worked on, but seeing the all the kids happy makes it all worth it. Thankfully, we were able to pull this off with the support of additional lighting and grip from Cineworks, and the talented audio techs from Nimbus.
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This year’s #SingItFwd performance is going to be their last, but they are ending it with a big bang in a two-nighter show at The Vogue on January 14 & 15, 2016. The lineup is top secret, but I can assure you that it will be an amazing one. ;) Grab some tickets >here< and we will see you at The Vogue!

Charles Chen