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We wrapped the production of our feature film Shooting The Musical last November. That night, the three of us got together before our world premiere at Whistler Film Festival, and decided to officially band up and present ourselves as "This is a Spoon."

A few months later, Charles has saved up just enough funds to turn This is a Spoon into an official startup media company with an office in New Westminster. The whole process was extremely spoontaneous. We talked about the idea of the startup, and at our very first meeting...

"Hey, how cool would it be if we got a studio space?"

Within 2 weeks of that conversation, a space was leased, and we moved into an auto body shop that we demolished with love, turning it into our modest studio and office. Within the first month of business, we launched our first project as a company - Run and Gun: Vancouver's 48 Hour Film Competition.

A lot has happened since then. Joel and Nach have been taking the creative leads of developing our new feature films. Charles has been making documentary films around the world.

A week ago, like always, Charles made another impulsive decision. He thought it would be cool to hire a helicopter on the day and go for a joy ride. Because how else are you supposed to celebrate the first year anniversary of a startup other than flying to the top of some tallest mountains in buttfuck nowhere and drink whiskey with the bros?

We have a couple projects to share with you all this year, and we have lots of upcoming projects for 2016:

New feature films
More documentaries around the world
TV show development

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Charles Chen