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Inconceivable (Season 1)

Inconceivable (Season 1)

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After a brief fling, Rita and Adam decide that they are better off as friends than romantic partners. This realization changes drastically when a week later they find out they are pregnant due to a failed condom and a failed Plan B pill. After debating whether this anomaly is bad luck or destiny, Rita and Adam decide to keep the baby and enter the wild and crazy world of unplanned parenthood. A true story of what to expect when you're not expecting.

  • Director Joel Ashton McCarthy
  • Starring Katie Stuart, Bruce Novakowski, Chantelle Naude, Shawn Richard, Mike Doaga & Justine Warrington
  • Writters Joel Ashton McCarthy, Rachel Kirkpatrick & Mike Doaga
  • Director of Photography Shawn Seifert
  • Editor Joel Ashton McCarthy
  • Composer Kyle Schreiner, Cezar White, Jony Roy
  • Production Designer Rosaura Lezama
  • Producers Nach Dudsdeemaytha & Marena Dix

Nominee, Breakthrough Series - Short Form - Gotham Independent Film Award 2017
Winner, Best Web Series - Leo Awards 2018
Winner, Best Actress in a Drama - HollyWeb Festival, 2018
Winner, Best of Fest - Vancouver Web Fest, 2018