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Hey Rosetta! - Harriet

#SingItFwd - Harriet


#SingItFwd was founded in 2011, and was formed to raise awareness around the importance of music education for youth. Proceeds from #SingItFwd events went to The Saint James Music Academy, which supports over 300 kids in the Downtown East Side. Over the 5 years, #SingItFwd raised over $200,000.

This video was made for the #SingItFwdFinale in 2016. Hey Rosetta! did not perform at the event, but they were gracious enough to stop by the school to meet the kids and record this video.

  • Director Nach Dudsdeemaytha
  • Cinematographer Charles Chen
  • Camera Operator Joel Ashton McCarthy
  • Live Audio Recording Andrew Rasmussen
  • Audio Mix Daniel Klenner at the Space Studios

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